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When I'm taking pictures of my finished knits, I hook up my camera to the computer so I can set up directly on a proper screen, bypass the sd card and most useful to my awkward self, see the photos as they're taken on a timer. I always keep the first test shot, it's usually an out of focus photo of me hunched over the laptop hitting the spacebar. Today I'm photographing socks so it's a floor level one with bonus kitty 😸
  • See, I have knit some things this year 😊🍂🍁 I truly enjoyed the process of sketching and and designing this jumper, Diesis. The theme for this issue was a bit far from my ‘personal aesthetic’ (how silly that entire concept is) and yet I found it extremely inspiring, it was unexpected and drew me in. It was nice to step outside my little box and create something that I love. Thank you @pompommag and @jujuvail ❤️ Knit in @johnarbontextiles Knit by Numbers DK and Viola.
Photography by @nicolemlakar ‡

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  • I still knit, I promise.

Picked up a new to me sock yarn today, Lang Yarns Jawoll, the cute little spools of reinforcement thread that come with it were so tempting! I’m really looking forward to trying it, hopefully they’ll make some hard-wearing socks.

Anyway first I have 2 other pairs of socks to finish, oops. 😅 
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  • My #summerofbasics trousers are done! Far from perfect but they’re breezy and comfortable, and I learned a lot making them. Achievement unlocked.
Some details:
I drafted these from my pant sloper, which is finally usable 🎉 (made following Suzy Furrer’s Craftsy class btw). I really struggled with the fit of the sloper and at some point I was just going in circles, trying to fix issues created by trying to fix under the bum fabric pooling caused by forward tilted hips (which I can now see in all my rtw trousers 😓). These actually look even better than the sloper in that area, I think because I extended the crotch a bit, so maybe the issue is going to resurface if I draft something fitted but for now I’m happy. They could also do with being a bit less carrot shaped maybe but, next time, next time 😉
I wasn’t really going for such a crumpled look but this mystery market fabric just won’t press properly. I think it’s a synthetic/cotton blend, the weft is thick and burns like cotton but the warp is thin and synthetic so I couldn’t really press it hot. I’m not too worried about it cause it camouflages the ripply fly. I did a button fly because I forgot to buy a zipper (good reason right) and it looked pretty good until I finished the waistband buttonhole, sewed on the button and suddenly the fly wouldn’t stay shut 😩 I spent ages unpicking, resewing, and trying different ways to fix it and it still looks messy, but at least it isn’t open so yeah, good enough! Next time I'll use a zipper, haha.
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  • Let's do thisss 👖
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