• What to knit, what to knit... This cone has been waiting for me for ages and now I have the time but also all the indecision.
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  • Yesss, finished. I think I found my limit with those 1.5mm (😱) needles but anyway, happy ending, pretty socks! 
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  • Shortening the sleeves of a finished cardigan. I think I can take it easy with weaving in ends from now on, undoing that seam took ages, haha. Wish me luck, now comes the scary bit 🙈

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  • Solar charging... #caturday
  • Committed to finishing my Fort Grey socks. I had to go down to 1.75mm needles (however many zeroes that is in US) to get gauge and I regret not regretting that decision sooner, these needles are awful 😝 But I finished the first one, it's beautiful and really want to wear it, so this second one is getting done!
And I'm really loving my new #fringefieldbag, thank you @karentempler! There's a whole other layer of unfinished socks under these...
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  • First wool of the season! 🎉 
I'm a bit conflicted about this sweater, haha. I like the idea of it, with the soft rounded sleeves in the bubblegum pink colour but it's just so... pink 🦄 
I dyed the whole finished sweater in a pan after it was finished because the yarn was a beige that looked terrible on me (very nice on the skein, though). And before that it spent a year, unworn, as ye another sweater still. So this is good, progress. If I could figure out how to do a less patchy job, I'd dye it red. Maybe I could just keep going until it's black.

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