• In the latest instalment of me knitting one of my own patterns again but then in black... 😁🖤 #amirisu #knitburo #inkwellsweater #dropspuna
  • Here is the Koushi I knit for myself a few months ago in Drops Belle. It’s all soft and wrinkly and with baggy elbows cause I’ve been wearing it all the time. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #amirisu #amirisu18 #knittersofinstagram #knitweardesign #knittinglove #koushisweater #dropsbelle
  • I stand with all those who speak up and take a stand against discrimination and racism. That includes but is definitely not limited to Ravelry. I only post here like once a month so it feels a bit rich to be making statements about a community I sometimes struggle to stay a part of, but when I read about the awful things so people have been put through this week, this past half-year (and longer, obviously), I just wanted to be clear.
  • The new amirisu magazine, issue 18, comes out today, and this is my contribution, Koushi ▫️▫️▫️▫️ This sweater was initially inspired by gingham, and the way threads in two colours are woven to make a third. Except instead of colours, I used textures: smooth stockinette and a really textured eyelet, with double moss stitch as the in-between. And instead of a tiny all-over pattern, I made the blocks as big as they could be. A quarter of the sweater, a whole sleeve... It’s interesting to knit something asymmetrical, and it’s even nicer if you get mid-round fatigue and get a bit bored of working the same stitch for too long 😛

@amirisushop it’s been a huge pleasure and you've outdone yourselves with this beautiful issue once again, thank you.

#amirisu #amirisu18 #knittersofinstagram #knitweardesign #knittinglove #koushisweater #darumayarn
  • So many yarn scraps and yet somehow not nearly all of my yarn scraps.
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  • I made a coat! 🎉 Just in time for spring! 😂 
I bought the fabric from someone on marktplaats, the lining and the outer together. The colour and the fabric itself are both a little lighter than I’d have picked out in a shop but I like it, and it was convenient, cheap, and second hand ✌️ The pattern is Burda 116 11/2015. It’s a women’s tall pattern which I am not, so I shortened the upper body, and also skipped the waistband though I did add this depth back to the lower body to keep it knee length. I modified the vent to a normal style because it would have been way too high as drafted without the waistband. I also added not one, not two, but four inner pockets, because the outer pockets are quite shallow (could have seen that coming but I skipped them on my toile 😑) and a woman needs to be able to carry her belongings and seditious writings of course. .
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